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The Archaeology Of Outer Space

ForbesForbes - Dec 3, 2018
Archaeology is often thought of as the study of the ancient world, but the discipline is better understood as a set of methods that focus on the study of material culture. With this toolkit archaeologists can study human constructed and occupied spaces ...  



Hit a brick wall in your genealogy research? Think outside the box

MyAJCMyAJC - Nov 29, 2018
To try to get beyond this point, you could apply the the FAN Principle, originated and named by Elizabeth Shown Mills, major genealogy author and lecturer. FAN stands for family, associates and neighbors. Use the census to analyze everyone within 20 ...  


Giant Siberian Rhinoceros Lived alongside Early Modern Humans

Sci-News.comSci-News.com - Nov 28, 2018
For a long time it was believed that a giant rhinoceros called Elasmotherium sibericum went extinct around 200,000 years ago — well before the Quaternary megafaunal extinction event, which saw the end of the woolly mammoth, Irish elk and saber-toothed ...  


Tom Coughlin defends Jaguars' run-first philosophy, acknowledges need for explosive plays

FOXSports.comFOXSports.com - Nov 28, 2018
But Coughlin also staunchly defended Jacksonville's run-first, defensive philosophy by saying the team's offensive woes have more to do with a lack of explosive plays than its ideology. And while Coughlin didn't point the finger at quarterback Blake ...  


Another 14 Iconic Psychology Experiments Have Failed Replication Attempts
ScienceAlert - Nov 25, 2018

For the past several years, world leaders in psychology research have been scrambling to investigate a looming scandal in their field: many key findings from landmark psychological experiments, in spite of many scientists' best efforts, have never been ...  



Hopkins theorists propose a resolution to a growing crisis in cosmology

The Hub at Johns HopkinsThe Hub at Johns Hopkins - Nov 29, 2018
A group of Johns Hopkins cosmology theorists have offered a theory that the cause of the so-called "Hubble Tension" in cosmology may be resolved by the presence of some new exotic form of matter in the early universe. In a recent paper posted on arXiv ...  



Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Doctors Better?

Voice of AmericaVoice of America - Dec 2, 2018
Teacher Rishi Rawat has one student who is not human, but a machine. Lessons take place at a lab inside the University of Southern California's (USC) Clinical Science Center in Los Angeles, where Rawat teaches artificial intelligence, or AI. To help ...  

Learning Spanish

Coloradans explore Spanish language, Mexican culture in Baja California Sur

SourceSource - Nov 30, 2018
Morales designed the Spanish & Culture Immersion course for people interested in learning Spanish and experiencing Mexican culture first-hand. The six-day course brought 21 participants from Colorado to Mexico to expand their Spanish language skills ...  

Learning French

Cuts to French-language services hurt us all

Toronto StarToronto Star - Nov 23, 2018
Throughout our country, anglophone kids are learning French in unprecedented numbers. According to the most recent numbers from the government of Ontario, on any given day there are more than 280,000 Ontario students doing more French than is ...  

Learning Japanese

Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese transcends just speaking the language

The Business TimesThe Business Times - Nov 27, 2018
Singapore. LEARNING Chinese is not just about picking up vocabulary but also about acquiring soft skills and being culturally sensitive, says trainer June Gu. The coach, who has conducted Chinese workshops and courses for adults and corporate groups in ...  

Learning German

Learning Russian

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