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Science & Education


Buddhist Monastery Site Uncovered in China

ArchaeologyArchaeology - Nov 14, 2017
JINGCHUAN COUNTY, CHINA—An excavation in northwest China has uncovered a 1,000-year-old ceramic box containing cremated human remains said to ...  



New Website Featuring Genealogy of Every American Community ...
Business Wire (press release) - Nov 14, 2017

Genealogical records for every part of America as well as most foreign countries are now available on a new website.  


World's Longest Sauropod Trackway Found in France

Sci-News.comSci-News.com - Nov 16, 2017
The trackway of a plant-eating sauropod dinosaur has been excavated in the Jura Mountains, France. This 508-foot (155 m) line of footsteps is the longest ...  


The consolations of philosophy for the middle-aged

The EconomistThe Economist - Nov 9, 2017
JOHN STUART MILL had his midlife crisis at 20. Hothoused by his father and preternaturally accomplished, he saw that even if all his “objects in life were realised”, still he would not be content—and had a nervous breakdown. As Kieran Setiya explains ...  


JDRF launches diabetes psychology fellowship program
Healio - Nov 19, 2017

JDRF announced the launch of a National Diabetes Psychology Fellowship Program to address the shortage of psychologists who can treat the specific needs of people with type 1 diabetes. The program aims to fund eight psychology fellows over the next 2 ...  


ALIENS TRUTH COMING? Ex-military and scientist insiders to lift lid on UFOs

Express.co.ukExpress.co.uk - Oct 30, 2017
The Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) formally launched this month. In a statement, the group said it "hopes to bring the discipline and rigour of scientific analysis to the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), also known as Unidentified ...  


Waterloo institute to take on the universe with new cosmology-focused research hub

The Globe and MailThe Globe and Mail - Nov 21, 2017
Neil Turok, seen in Waterloo in 2015, will be leaving his role as director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in order to lead the institute's new cosmology-research centre. The centre will focus on testing existing ideas about the ...  


Forestry students use Silver Lake Park as outdoor classroom | Local ...

Kenosha NewsKenosha News - Nov 17, 2017
Silver Lake Park became an outdoor classroom this week for students in a new urban forestry program offered by Gateway Technical College.  


Bureau of Meteorology staff to go on strike from Wednesday

NEWS.com.auNEWS.com.au - Nov 14, 2017
ROLLING stoppages by Bureau of Meteorology staff are not expected to affect weather forecasts and warnings.  

Artificial Intelligence

Why Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It

ForbesForbes - Nov 16, 2017
As a venture studio partner specialized in artificial intelligence, entrepreneurs frequently ask me about the future of the industry and what will truly disrupt this space. In this article, I will discuss how decentralized AI works, what potential it ...  

Learning Spanish

Dias De Los Muertos En San Miguel

HuffPostHuffPost - Nov 12, 2017
If your destination plans include truly learning Spanish, you might consider the Instituto Habla Hispana. With the global economy, more travelers are finding that an additional language is both helpful and necessary. Whether it's for business or the ...  

Learning French

Americans struggle to meet the French Foreign Legion's high bar

Stars and StripesStars and Stripes - Nov 12, 2017
The Americans tend to have trouble learning French, Edward said, acknowledging that it wasn't easy for him either. Language lessons are a daily requirement and struggling candidates are assigned “binomes,” or legionnaires from French-speaking countries ...  

Learning Japanese

New RPG Teaches Players Japanese With A Focus On Kanji

Comicbook.comComicbook.com - Nov 12, 2017
... of Japanese: the Kanji writing system. Compatible with PC & Mac, Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat is a spectacular mixture of learning, action, adventure and intrigue! Everything you need to start learning Japanese is contained within the ...  

Learning Chinese

Duolingo finally released a Chinese course—here's a guide to get the most out of it

QuartzQuartz - Nov 17, 2017
Learning Chinese is a thing now. Mark Zuckerberg is doing it. Donald Trump's granddaughter memorized a 13th-century Chinese poem for Xi Jinping, the president of China. Many Hollywood films depict celebrities speaking bad Chinese. For those who ...  

Learning German

I learned German with white supremacist Richard Spencer

The SpinoffThe Spinoff - Nov 12, 2017
I remember him telling me wistfully that this was his third summer learning German abroad, but he still hadn't met a nice girl. On my birthday, I took pity on him and invited him along to my party at a grungy bar called Wohnzimmer. He turned up with a ...  

Learning Russian

Russian chess legend Karpov to attend Bratislava's Xmas tournament

The Slovak SpectatorThe Slovak Spectator - Nov 13, 2017
“I would like to ... re-establish the chess tradition in Slovakia, as following the revolution in 1989 some Slovaks not only stopped learning Russian, they also stopped playing chess completely.” The chess champion, who is currently serving as vice ...  

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