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Science & Education


Archaeology Dig Makes Two Finds
St. Ignace News (subscription) - Jul 18, 2017

Two pieces of trade silver jewelry were found at Fort Michilimackinac last week after spending more than 230 years underground. It was a big week for the archaeology project here, which painstakingly sifts through ancient dirt for clues to the lives of ...  


Montana geology creates unusual earthquake risk that isn't fully understood

The MissoulianThe Missoulian - Jul 6, 2017
Montana's quake risk is unique, although the exact causes of it remain in debate, said Mike Stickney, seismologist at the Earthquake Studies Office of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology on the Montana Tech campus in Butte. “If you look globally ...  


Library to host Irish genealogy programs

Billings GazetteBillings Gazette - Jul 17, 2017
Billings Public Library will host a series of programs on Irish genealogy, in conjunction with the exhibit, “Erin's Exiled Children: The Irish of America and the Making of Modern Ireland,” in August. The programs will be at the Billings Public Library ...  


Here's what goes on behind the scenes at Rowan University's paleontology lab

NJ.comNJ.com - Jul 16, 2017
GLASSBORO - Paul Ullman and Kristyn Vogele are not expecting to make the next big paleontological discovery, but they both know their work at the Jean & Ric Edleman Fossil Park is important to understanding what life may have been like in prehistoric ...  


Do We Need Philosophy in Prisons?

Big ThinkBig Think - Jul 15, 2017
But some say philosophy, in particular, can benefit prisoners in ways that other subjects can't. Indeed, studies have shown that academically, children who learn philosophy in schools perform drastically better compared to their peers. But should we ...  


Psychology: Moral contagion online

Nature.comNature.com - Jul 17, 2017
Social media has played a central role in recent political events, such as the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, and the US presidential election, and has come under scrutiny for its contribution to the proliferation of fake news and echo chambers ...  


Author Nick Redfern talks about his new book "The Roswell UFO Conspiracy"

Red Dirt ReportRed Dirt Report - Jun 19, 2017
He's an expert and well-regarded in the field of Ufology, at least among the intellectually honest folks who really want to know the truth. And so for those who have spent their lives turning the alleged flying saucer crash at the Foster Ranch near ...  


An Alien SOS From Deep Space? Extraterrestrial Radio Signals Intercepted From Ross Star 128

Cosmology.comCosmology.com - Jul 18, 2017
A burst of radio signals which may have originated from an alien satellite in deep space, in the line of sight leading to Ross 128 (also known as FI Virginis) may have been intercepted by the 1,000-foot-wide radio telescope at Puerto Rico's Arecibo ...  


Forestry Museum offering erosion prevention workshop
Daily Bulldog - Jul 16, 2017

RANGELEY - A free technical training workshop will be held on August 8 at the Maine Forestry Museum in Rangeley. This workshop will focus on the proper installation and maintenance of road/stream crossing structures to prevent erosion and to enhance ...  


A degree of weather: C of C launches meteorology major

Berkeley IndependentBerkeley Independent - Jul 7, 2017
College of Charleston meteorology student Trevor Gibbs met up with Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes while working during Tropical Storm Hermine in early September. Gibbs hopes to be among the first graduates to earn a meteorology degree.  

Artificial Intelligence

China Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Gain Global Economic Dominance by 2030

MIT Technology ReviewMIT Technology Review - Jul 21, 2017
... Chinese researchers have developed their own Go-playing AI champion, called FineArt. Artificial intelligence may have been invented in the West, but China seems determined to own its future. Its rising AI community just got a tremendous shot in the ...  

Learning Spanish

The Road to Success: Students receive their 'License to Greatness'

South Strand newsSouth Strand news - Jul 21, 2017
“It's so important to go ahead and start learning Spanish, especially for the rising freshman who will take Spanish I in the fall or the spring,” Duke University student and PSA volunteer Tyler Kopp said. Kindergarten and first-grade students sang “Red ...  

Learning French

17 things about the French language you won't know until you live in France

The Local FranceThe Local France - Jul 21, 2017
When it comes to learning French you really have to be in the country to do it because they are many things they just don't teach you in school. Here are some essential tips to get you au fait with French in France from The Local and our friends at the ...  

Learning Japanese

Puns, Poetry, and Superstition: Japanese Homophones
Nippon.com (blog) - Jul 15, 2017

For those learning Japanese as adults, though, even basic wordplay is still fresh and can be a lot of fun, as well as a helpful memory hook. A classic dajare is arumi-kan no ue ni aru mikan, or “a mandarin on an aluminum can.” The simple pleasure of ...  

Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese Trending in Pakistan Amid Deepening Ties With China

http://www.newsgram.com/Voice of America - Jun 19, 2017
China is investing billions of dollars in extensive roads, railways, special industrial zones and energy infrastructure in Pakistan. The massive collaboration dubbed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, or CPEC, is generating interest among Pakistani ...  

Learning German

The big issue: after Brexit, fluency in German will be a vital tool for success

The GuardianThe Guardian - Jul 8, 2017
Through his personal narrative about learning German, he encapsulates so eloquently all the key motivations for learning languages: access to other cultures; curiosity about the structure of language; the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with ...  

Learning Russian

First Democrat to challenge Collins comes with a long resume
Buffalo News - Jul 19, 2017

She served on active duty for eight years, learning Russian and working in military intelligence before a deployment to Iraq during the Gulf War. She was embedded with an armored unit, and once the war ended, she spent weeks gathering intelligence and ...  

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